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The Town of Comox Collection Change

The Town of Comox is implementing a new collection protocol for January 2024. It is based on an Automated collection of cans by a truck equipped with a "clamp" or "claw".


This Fall, in advance of the service, EACH strata unit will receive 3 collection bins: Two 120 Litre bins and One 240 Litre bin. One of the 120 litre bins will be for Kitchen/Yard waste and the other bin for Garbage. The 240 Litre bin will be for recycling.

The collection schedule will be weekly for Kitchen/Yard waste and every two weeks for Recycling and Garbage collection.The schedule will change with holidays as it currently does for recycling.

This represents a change that would mean getting rid of the dumpsters that are currently emptied twice a week. We would also begin Kitchen/Yard waste (organics) that we could only obtain via private contracts by each resident.

Some concerns are storing these three bins.They are rather large. They are currently on display in the Comox mall near the inside enterance to John's Independent store.

In addition 120 litre bins for two weeks worth of garbage may prove to be small. The 240 Litre recycling May also probe problematic. The bins lids must be fully closed or the operator will not collect the bins contents. No extra bags or items will be collected that are not in a closed bin.

The 240 Litre bin may also prove difficult to handle for some people. 

The town and service provider will only re-assess bin sizes after the first year of operation.

The Strata council is exploring if we can "Opt Out" or request only some of the services. An example would be to keep Garbage collection as we now have it and request Recycling and Kitchen/Yard waste collection at a slightly reduced cost.

Feel free to email (using this site email) with opinions and/or ideas related to this issue. We will collect them to obtain an idea of what residents "want" and if possible approach the city to accommodate our needs.

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