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Poly B Replacement Dates

So far 14 Units have been completed. The pace is slower over the summer due to holidays. We have averaged about 2 units per month since April 2023.

Poly B replacement

1. Determine if you have Poly B plumbing. 

2. Plan the Project on Your place and know what's expected of you

3. Prepare you furnishings

4. Project execution

5. Replace furnishings.

Determining if you have Poly B

If you can locate your main water shut-off valve you may be able to see if there is Poly B in your home. The grey plastic with copper bands is Poly B.


The preparation involves moving furniture, lights, and wall mountings to allow ceiling repair and painting. Electricians will remove any light fixtures. The home owner will need to remove any wall and ceiling adornments and either have the furniture moved into the garage or move it to the center of the living room. Tarping the areas and furniture will be required to control drywall dust and paint splatters

Plumber goes first

The plumber will cut away drywall in the ceiling and walls of the lower level and the walls or bathroom cabinets in the upper level. This is to expose the pathways needed to re-plumb the house. The new plumbing will be installed. Only some of the Poly B will be removed. Where possible the Poly B will be remain hidden in place but not in use. This saves the cost of removal.


Drywaller and Painting Next

The Drywaller wants to coordinate the drywall cutting with the Plumber to make remediation easier


Drywaller will reinforce the backside of the patches, patch then mud. The first mud will need to dry before the next mudding. There will be 3 mud applications each requiring a drying cycle. Then the ceilings need to be textured. If the ceiling was painted previously then this complicates this process. Once the ceiling is textured painting will be required. 

Clean up

Cleaning will occur in 2 stages. Once prior to painting and the upon completion of the project. Drywall dust is notorious for "getting everywhere". In addition, workers will need to go up and down the stairs. They will need a cardboard covering. Once all of this is complete the furniture and light fixtures as well as ceiling and wall adornments can be replaced.  

This project is expected to take 7 - 10 days. As can be expected, there may be issues encountered that were not predicted. These issues could cause delays.

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